Keyword Discovery - Features

Keyword Discovery compiles keyword search statistics from over 180 search engines worldwide, to create the most powerful Keyword Research tool.

Keyword Discovery can tell you the search phrases people use to find products and services, as well as the search terms that drive traffic to your competitors.

You can take advantage of this information to:

  • Optimize the content of your web pages and your meta tags
  • Maximize your pay per click campaigns
  • Take traffic away from your competitors

Main Features

  • Huge Keyword Database
    Keyword Discovery collects search term data from over to200 search engines world wide. Our Keyword database contains over38 billion searches.

  • Keyword Research
    Find more related and relevant keywords with KeywordDiscovery than with any other keyword research tool.

  • Range of Keyword Tools
    Keyword Discovery includes many Keyword Tools to help you analyze and qualify keywords, including Historical Trends, Competitors, Keyword Effectiveness, PPC Bid Values and many more!

  • Competitors - Top Traffic Sites per keyword
    Based on Trellian Competitive Intelligence user path data, find out who your main competitors are and which ones get the most traffic for a given keyword.

  • XML API Access
    Create your own tool or solution to access Keyword Discovery's keyword database via our XML API.

  • Keyword Projects
    Keyword Discovery search results can be organized and saved into projects. Projects can be copied, deleted, renamed, added to, deleted from, translated and exported.

  • Yahoo PPC Bid Tool
    Find keyword PPC bid information from Yahoo.

  • Import Keywords and Export Keywords
    Import keywords directly into KeywordDiscovery via external sources, such as from excel, text files, meta tags, URLs, and then also Export all your keyword research and analysis data out.

Keyword Databases

  • Global Premium Keyword Database
    This database contains over 4.4 billion keyword searches based purely on user panel data, which is less prone to skew caused by automated agents.

  • Regional Keyword Databases
    Keyword Discovery includes a number of country-specific databases, including Australian, Canadian, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, UK and US with plans to offer many others.

  • Industry Keywords
    The Industry terms tool provides lists of common search terms grouped by category. This makes it easy to discover some of the top searches for specific industries.

  • Specialty Databases
    News Database, Adult Database, Question Phrases Database - Are available to help find niche terms faster and easier.

  • eBay Keyword Database and Shopping Keywords Database
    The eBay and Shopping databases contain searches performed on eBay and Shopping websites, respectively. These databases will help you optimize your keywords for people who are ready to buy.

  • Google Keyword Database and Yahoo Keyword Database
    These database contains searches performed on Google and Yahoo, respectively. These databases will help you optimize keywords specifically for Google or Yahoo.

  • Also Searched Terms Database
    Whenever performing a search, Keyword Discovery will show a list of "Also Searched Terms". These are keywords searched for by the same users that searched for the supplied search term.

Keyword Research Options

  • Broad Match Search
    Broad Match Search is the default search type from the Research Interface, and will allow you to find the most broadly related keywords before drilling-down and analyzing.

  • Competitors - Top Traffic Sites per keyword
    Based on Trellian Competitive Intelligence user path data, find out who your main competitors are and which ones get the most traffic for a given keyword.

  • Thesaurus Search
    The Thesaurus search provides a set of keywords and phrases that have similar "word-sense" to keywords entered.

  • Search for Like Terms
    A fuzzy (or "like") search performs a fuzzy string match on the keyword or phrase to return similar search terms. Ideal to find reverse misspellings.

  • Phrase Search
    A phrase match search will return search terms containing the keywords in the EXACT order provided.

  • Remove Spaces Search
    This search type returns search results with and without spaces for the searched phrase.For example: A search for the keywordmotor bike will also include results containing the keywordsmotor bike andmotorbike.

  • Domain Score Search
    This is a time saver for domainers. If you enter a search term phrase such as: "search term" or "" the search provides a domain score by combining the search volume from 4 matching criteria: "" plus "" plus "" plus "".

  • Include Plurals Search
    A search using the Include Plurals options will include search terms that contain the keywords in their plurals form.

  • Inflected Form Search
    Also searches different forms of the word. For example, A search for the keyword "swim" will also include results containing the keywords "swam", "swum", "swimming" and "swims".

  • Related Keywords
    A related search will find keywords related to the keyword(s) entered. This may help discover relevant keywords that you may not be targeting, helping you to broaden your keyword range.

  • Spelling Mistakes and Common Typos
    A spell search will find keyword that are common misspellings for keywords entered. Targeting popular keyword misspellings can often increase traffic.

  • Industry Categories Search
    Industry Categories search queries the Industry Terms database to list the actual categories that the keyword(s) falls under. This option is useful in matching keywords to specific categories and also in locating related keywords from the same category or niche.

  • Exclude Keyword
    Prevents specific keywords from being displayed in the results.

  • Search and Replace Keyword Manager
    If you need to clean up and filter your keywords before importing them, the Keyword Manger tool can be used to Remove duplicates, Remove unwanted characters or words and more!

  • Adult Filter
    A search for any keyword and our adult filter will strip out all the Adult based search phrases from the results.

Analyzing Keywords and Keyword Tools

  • Retrieve Keywords from Meta Tags
    Keywords from an external source can be imported into Keyword Discovery. Keywords can be imported from a list, or from the meta tags of a URL.

  • KEI Analysis
    When performing an advanced analysis of a keyword list, Keyword Effectiveness Indicator is a way to measure how competitive a search phrase is in comparison to other search phrases.

  • Successful Search Score
    When performing an advanced analysis of a keyword list, Successful Search column contains the percentage of searches that generated a click on one of the search results.

  • Historical Trends - 5 keyword at a time
    The Keyword Trends tool allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at once and see trends for specific countries.

  • Search Engine Market Share
    This feature shows the percentage of a keyword's searches performed on the major search engines.

  • Cross Reference Tool
    The Cross Reference tool can perform a keyword check on your competitor's web site to see the keywords they are using, and compare those keywords to the keywords from your website.

  • Find Keyword Competitors
    Do you know who your Competitors are? Our Competitors tool will help you quickly identify who your top Organic and PPC Competitors are for any given keyword or even a group of search terms while including key data metrics, the number of backlinks and website rank score for each Competitor.

  • Analyze Keyword Lists
    The Advanced Analyze Tool allows you to analyze your own keyword lists, choose advanced filters, including specific Search Engines and Keyword Databases.

  • Domain Research Tool
    Automatically check if popular search phrases are available to be registered as .com or .net domains. This tool cross references keywords with a whois domain database and displays in real time which popular search phrases are available to be registered. Great for finding potential top traffic domains.

  • Google Formatting Tool
    You can use the Google Formatting tool to generate keyword lists ready for use with Google AdWords™ Campaigns.

  • Keyword Density
    The Keyword Density tool measures the keyword density of all keywords on any page of any site. The density analysis results include the occurrence, popularity and density of keywords from the page title, links, headings and page body text.

  • Run Keyword Permutations
    Permutation search is a useful tool that searches for terms that contain the set of keywords ordered in different sequences. This is a more restricted and targeted search, and is particularly useful when you are trying to target a specific group of keywords.

  • Search Demographics
    The Keyword Trends tool allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at once and see a Search Demographic break down.

  • Seasonal Search Trends
    The Keyword Discovery search data can be displayed in a graphical format to help identify seasonal search trends over the previous 12 months. This data can help you to predict traffic levels during low peak periods like the holidays, or simply to view the change in demand for a product or service throughout the year.

  • Yahoo PPC Bid Tool
    Find keyword PPC bid information from Yahoo.

  • Translation
    Keyword Discovery features a handy translation tool to translate keywords inside a project. Keywords can be translated to and from English, Dutch, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

Keyword Reports

  • Top Search Term Lists
    Find out what keywords are searched for the most as a whole or in specific countries and even specific search engines, such as Google and Yahoo.

  • Exhaustive Keyword Lists
    The long tail or tail end keyword data, are the gems that not many know about. Since many keywords have more than 1,000 related results, in some cases hundreds of thousands, with the exhaustive list you can have the complete set of results for a given keyword.

  • Drop Domain Reports
    If you buy domains via the SnapNames and NameJet drop domain services, then use our Drop Domain Reports to filter and fine tune the daily lists of expiring domains against our KeywordDiscovery database.

  • Exhaustive Industry Keyword Lists
    Just like the "Exhaustive Keyword Lists" above, you can order the full list of keyword that are classified in the same industry or category. This is great for classifying keywords to a specific category.

  • Keyword Statistics - Query Size by Country
    Quickly see search behavior trends and how the nature of search differs per country. Since the average number of terms per search phrase varies substantially from country to country, gain some useful insights into search behavior in the markets you are active in.

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