eBay Keywords

The eBay™* keyword database allows you identify searches performed at eBay™.

The ebay keywords data can show you how frequently, with what search phrase combinations and exactly what ebay customers search for on ebay. Keep in mind that the searches performed on ebay tend to be more consumer oriented, so at the buy now stage of the decision cycle.

Based on our user panel, the ebay keyword database contains a full 12 months history of searches made on ebay by ebay shoppers.

The eBay Seasonal Trend graphs helps identify how ebay searches are impacted by seasonal factors, such as holidays, events or weather.

*eBay is a Trade Mark of eBay Inc.

Example results for the search term: beer

Ebay Keywords Result Table

Historic Monthly Graph:
An increased demand for "beer" in October.
There must be some sort of beer fest in October :)

Monthly graph on beer searches using Premium database

Comparison of keyword search using the term "beer" on our different Keyword databases:
eBay: The top 10 results are more consumer product oriented
Global: The top 10 results are more information oriented
Premium: The top 10 results have a combination of product and information orientation
eBay Database Global Database Premium Database
beer search results on eBay database beer search results on Global database beer search results on Premium database

The eBay data is unique and extremely valuable to anyone that selling on eBay. This data can be used to:

  • optimize eBay product listings based on what eBay users are searching for
  • identify popular product searches to identify new eBay opportunities
  • identify high conversion keywords for use in PPC campaigns

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