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Keyword Discovery collects keyword data from many different search engines world wide and compiles a range of search related statistics. Read more on our keyword methodology.

Keyword Discovery Benefits

Knowing what exact search phrases customers use to find your products or services enables you to maximize the available search engine traffic.

The reason for this is quite simple. If your web page does not contain the exact search keywords a customer is using, your page will not be found in the search engine results. Basically this means fewer potential customers visiting your web pages.

Secondly, identifying all the relevant keywords to use in PPC campaigns, such as Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing, provides better coverage and increases ROI. You can target keywords individually setting CPC rates to suit each term, which improves ROI, as you do not need to rely on broad match options which are well known to generate lower conversions.

With a database of over 36 Billion searches tracked over 12 months, KeywordDiscovery is the most comprehensive keyword research service available. It can help you identify the keyword that your customers are using, related keywords you need to look at, common spelling mistakes as well as how your industry keywords are impacted by seasonal search trends.

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