Video Tutorials

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  • The Research Interface
    You inital search will generally be performed using the Research Interface. It allows you access to all databases and search options.
    This tutorial runs through the basics of the research interface and how do perform a basic search.

  • The Results
    After performing a search from the research interface, a list of keywords, along with search volumes is retrieved.
    This tutorial explains the meaning of these results, including how to drill-down on a keyword, retrieving various graphs and "Also Searched Queries".

  • Analyzing Keywords
    A keyword search returns a list of keywords sorted in descending order. Further analysis can be performed to help qualify keywords.
    This tutorial covers how to perform an analysis and what the results mean.

  • Working with Projects
    Projects are lists of keywords that can be saved for later use, analyzed, translated or export.
    This tutorial covers creating new projects, adding and deleting keywords from them and loading (opening) projects.

  • Project Manager
    To display the project manager, click the Projects button in the toolbar.
    This tutorial covers all functions of the Project Manager, including creating, renaming and deleting projects, copy and pasting keywords and deleting keywords.

  • Keyword Tools - Keyword Density Tool
    The keyword density tool checks a web page and returns a list of keywords from the web page, along with the density data.
    This tutorial covers how to use the Keyword Density tool and its results.

  • Keyword Tools - Keyword Permutations Tool
    Permutation search is a useful tool that searches for terms that contain the set of keywords ordered in different sequences.
    This tutorial covers how to use the Keyword Permutations tool and its results.

  • Industry Terms
    The Industry terms tool provides lists of common search terms grouped by category.
    This tutorial covers how to find a category and what the results represent.

  • Importing Keywords
    To import a text list of keywords or keywords from a website's meta tags, click the Import button on the toolbar.
    This tutorial covers how to import keywords from various sources, including from text files, meta tags of a URL and by copy and pasting.

  • Exporting Keywords
    To export the list of keywords and their associated data from a search, you can click the export button on a result set.
    This tutorial covers exporting from various results, including the research interface, industry terms and projects.