Keyword Discovery Drop Domain Report - For Domainers

Do you buy domains from SnapNames™ ?

If so, than this is the service you will find extremely helpful at picking out domains that have typein traffic.

This is what we do for drop domain report:

Every day a new list of expired domains becomes available at Snap Names. We run this list through our KeywordDiscovery Global Premium database and extract the search volumes for any matching domains.

This is what you get in the expired domain report:

Every single day you will receive an email with the latest CSV file with a list of all the new pending delete domains, along with the KeywordDiscovery domain scores (search volumes) for every single domain. Every single day there are around 60,000 expiring .com domains. This is a HUGE list! So large that it makes it impossible to go through manually every expired domain name every single day. With our report, we can provide a quick and easy way to extract from this list the names that are more likely to generate good parking revenues year to year.

Potential uses of the KeywordDiscovery Domain Score Reports:

The main reason for this report is to quickly identify and extract only the domains that have typein traffic from the huge list of expiring domains each day.

Once you have this refined list, you then use this list to:

  • try to register the domains directly, when they are released
  • use the SnapNames service to register the domains for you
  • build up a huge database of domain scores, as every single day there are around 60,000 domains expiring.

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