Google Keywords Database

The Google database allows you to identify searches performed at Google including searches from localized Google sites such as and
This data can show you the phrases Google users search for along with the popularity of these phrases.

The insights gained can help you identify trends specific to Google users and help target keywords for Google AdWords PPC (Pay per click) campaigns.

Example results for the search term: beer

Google Keywords Result Table

Google Database
Comparison of keyword search using the term "beer" on two different KD Database
beer search results on Google database
Yahoo Database
beer search results on Yahoo database

The Google data is unique and extremely valuable to anyone that is targeting Google users or running Google AdWords PPC campaigns. This data can be used to:

  • optimize Google AdWords campaigns based on what Google users are searching for.
  • optimize your own websites ranking in Google by targeting search terms used by Google users.
  • identify high conversion keywords for use in Google AdWords PPC campaigns

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