Keyword Tools

Keyword Discovery includes many Keyword Tools to help you analyze and qualify keywords, including Historical Trends, Seasonal Search Trends, Search Engine Market Share and many more!

Below is a breif description of each:

Search Engine Market Share

Different search engines tend to attract a different user demographic. As an example, Google may hold the largest market share, however Yahoo and MSN often perform better for certain search queries.

Search Demographics

The Keyword Trends tool allows you to compare up to 5 search terms at once and see a Search Demographic break down.

Cross Reference Tool

The Cross Reference tool can perform a keyword check on your competitor's web site to see the keywords they are using, and compare those keywords to the keywords from your website.

Domain Researcher Tool

Automatically check if popular search phrases are available to be registered as .com or .net domains. This tool cross references keywords with a whois domain database and displays in real time which popular search phrases are available to be registered. Great for finding potential top traffic domains.

Google Formatting

You can use the Google Formatting tool to generate keyword lists ready for use with Google AdWords™ Campaigns.

Keyword Analyzer Tool

The Advanced Analyze Tool allows you to analyze your own keyword lists, choose advanced filters, including specific Search Engines and Keyword Databases.

Keyword Competitors Tool

Do you know who your Competitors are? Our Competitors tool will help you quickly identify who your top Organic and PPC Competitors are for any given keyword or even a group of search terms while including key data metrics, the number of backlinks and website rank score for each Competitor.

Keyword Density

The Keyword Density tool measures the keyword density of all keywords on any page of any site. The density analysis results include the occurrence, popularity and density of keywords from the page title, links, headings and page body text.

Search and Replace Keyword Manager

If you need to clean up and filter your keywords before importing them, the Keyword Manger tool can be used to Remove duplicates, Remove unwanted characters or words and more!

Keyword Permutations

Permutation search is a useful tool that searches for terms that contain the set of keywords ordered in different sequences. This is a more restricted and targeted search, and is particularly useful when you are trying to target a specific group of keywords.

Historical Trends - 5 keyword at a time

The Keyword Trends tool allows you to compare upto 5 search terms at once and see trends for specific countries.

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