Parameter name: exclude
Default: no
Values: keywords separated by a colon for the 'and' operator, and a comma for the 'or' operator.
Description: Excludes keywords from the result set. Note: Excluded keywords are removed after the keyword result set is generated. This may result in less than the requested number of keywords being returned.
Example: The following query returns results for the phrase education degree, exlcuding the keywords (distance and online), or user:


Results are returned as XML. A simple example:


This request is for the search term "education degree". The query will display the top 20 results while excluding any keyword phrases with "distance", "online" or "user" within the result set. By default, compact result display is turned on. The XML returned from this query is shown below:

 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
 <results compact="true" mexclude="distance.+online|user" maximum="20" offset="0" query="education degree">
 <r m="5878" q="online education college degree" t="3504" />
 <r m="1527" q="education degree" t="910" />
 <r m="720" q="online education degree" t="429" />
 <r m="493" q="distance education master degree" t="294" />
 <r m="492" q="online education master degree" t="293" />
 <r m="476" q="online bachelor degree education" t="284" />
 <r m="408" q="online degree in education" t="243" />
 <r m="406" q="special education degree" t="242" />
 <r m="388" q="degree education" t="231" />
 <r m="335" q="by degree distance education mast" t="200" />
 <r m="272" q="online masters degree in education" t="162" />
 <r m="257" q="online graduate education degree" t="153" />
 <r m="237" q="education degree online" t="141" />
 <r m="185" q="general education degree" t="110" />
 <r m="166" q="biblical studies degree distance education" t="99" />
 <r m="148" q="online education degree programs" t="88" />
 <r m="134" q="distance education degree" t="80" />
 <r m="133" q="adult education degree" t="79" />
 <r m="102" q="masters degree education online" t="61" />

Each result is returned as an 'r' tag with the following attributes

  • q - query string
  • t - total search
  • m - monthly estimate. (takes into account a percentage of data that Keyword discovery has in relation to the total number searches done world wide.)

NOTE: Data provided on a URL has to be correctly URL encoded.

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