Parameter name: db

Default: premium

Values: historical, premium, ebay, news, shopping, adult, questions, google, yahoo, uk, nl, fr, de, se, es, it, pl, pt, no, au, ca, us, premium_historical, ebay_historical, news_historical, shopping_historical, google_historical, yahoo_historical, uk_historical, nl_historical, fr_historical, de_historical, se_historical, es_historical, it_historical, pl_historical, pt_historical, no_historical, au_historical, ca_historical, us_historical
(where premium = global premium database and historical = historical global database)

Description: Performs a search over the chosen database. (eg. nl would search Dutch database where as nl_historical would search Dutch historical database)

Example: The following query returns the premium database results for the phrase airport parking:

Note: For compatibility purposes, the global parameter returns results from the premium global database)

For more information about the various databases, please see the Databases Manual page.


Results are returned as XML. A simple example:

This request is for the search term "airport parking" querying the premium database. By default, compact result display is turned on. The XML returned from this query is shown below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<results compact="true" maximum="10" offset="0" query="airport parking">
 <r m="6240" q="airport parking" t="3720" />
 <r m="1077" q="manchester airport parking" t="642" />
 <r m="755" q="orlando airport parking" t="450" />
 <r m="500" q="sea-tac airport parking" t="298" />
 <r m="495" q="atlanta airport parking" t="295" />
 <r m="458" q="seatac airport parking" t="273" />
 <r m="446" q="philadelphia airport parking" t="266" />
 <r m="433" q="laguardia airport parking" t="258" />
 <r m="423" q="bristol airport parking" t="252" />
 <r m="413" q="newark airport parking" t="246" />
 <total_found />

Each result is returned as an 'r' tag with the following attributes

  • q - query string
  • t - total search
  • m - monthly estimate. (takes into account a percentage of data that Keyword discovery has in relation to the total number searches done world wide.)

NOTE: Data provided on a URL has to be correctly URL encoded.

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