Paid - Full Access API

For only $495 per month per 10,000 queries this API option enables you to integrate our keyword data into any website or tool or just use to extract keyword data faster. As per the Enterprise subscription you also have access to the top 10,000 related keywords, whereas a Standard Subscription only provides the top 1,000 related keywords.

Full Access API Benefits:

  • No restriction, provides top 10,000 results
  • Make a powerful feature addition to any existing tool.
  • Perfect for keyword data mining for SEO and PPC campaigns
  • Easy to implement, see the Full Access API integration manual

The major benefit is that this option provides full customization and freedom to implement KD data without the restrictions of the free API accounts, such as no need to link to

Subscribe to the Keyword Discovery Enterprise Version to take advantage of the full featured API solution.

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