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Keyword Discovery - FAQ

How can I access the API ?

To have access to the Keyword Discovery API, you need an Enterprise Subscription.

The API can be accessed in 3 different ways:

Web browser

The API can be accessed directly via a web browser's address bar. Enter the query string URL directly into the web browser's address bar, and the results will be displayed in XML format in the web browser.

Microsoft Excel

If you have Microsoft Excel installed, you can access the API data directly, depending on the version of Excel.

1. Click on the File menu in Excel and select "Open". In the file field, enter the URL query string.
2. Click Open.


1. Click on the Data menu, select "Import External Data", then click New Web Query.
2. In the New Web Query dialog box enter the URL query string for the Keyword discovery API.
3. Click Go.

Third party application

Users are permitted to code their own program to interface with the API.

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